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Belt Width:Upto 1600mm
  • Very good flexibility.
  • Resistance to cut and tear.
  • Excellent throughability.
  • High impact resistance.
  • Very good abrasion resistance.
  • Maximum load supports.
  • Resistance to adverse atmospheric conditions.
Belt Length:Any length, normally subject to a maximum of 200 to 300 meters in a single roll.
Belt Thickness:As per Customer specification / requirement.
STRAIGHT PLY CONSTRUCTION:This consist of straight laid plies extending across the width of the belt.
STEPPED PLY CONSTRUCTION:This consist of an additional rubber cushioning in the centre of the belt. A gap is left in first ply(1 step) or in the first and second plies(2 steps) on carrying side and that gap is filled with extra rubber cover to improve transverse flexibility.
REVERSE STEPPED PLY CONSTRUCTION:Ply gap remains on the side and is filled with extra rubbe where more flexibility is required on edges. Such belt has been designed for submerged ash handling installations in boiler plants, that operates under water in a quenching trough. The thickness of rubber cover on the back(ie; bottom) is kept at 3.0/5.0 mm and on face(ie;yop) at 1.5/2.0 mm for such type of belt.The belt is offered in cotton fabric 32oz. duck in 'Heat Resistant' and 'H-Tex'cover grabes in 4/2, 5/3, 6/4 reversed stepped plies.
BRAKER PLY CONSTRUCTION:This consist of 'leno weave' braker that laid over the carcass with running transversely across the belt to provide protection against longitudinal impact breaks and may be inclined in the top and or in the bottom covers. The breaker fabric are also used in pairs where they are laid on opposing 45° angles for extra severe impact protection. the proceed breaker adds about 1 mm to the belt thickness.
SKIM-COATED PLIES:To address severe service conditions, an extra thickness of rubber coating may be inserted between the plies to improve the inter-ply adhesions and or heat impact cushioning.
EDGE CONSTRUCTION:ROM all cotton conveyor belting is supplied in moduled edges to protect against edge wearing and prevent ingress of moisture, while all nylon conveyor belting can be supplied both in cut edges as well as in moduled edges. However, ROM recommends a cut-edge construction due to complete rot resistance of the all nylon belting.
GRADE M-24/DIN X:This grade is recommended for conveying, heavy, sharp, highly abrasive materials like metallic ores,granite, lime stone etc.
GRADE N-17/N:Recommended for conveying less severe and moderately abrasive material like sized coal, ash, chalk,bauxite etc
GRADE N-15/Z:Composed synthetic rubber, mainly this grade is suitable for arduous application as cost effective and has lesser wear resistance properties.
HEAT RESISTANT BELTING GRADE HR:This garde is recommended for conveying, hot material and is suitable for fines upto 100°C and lumps upto 150°
GRADE SHR/HR T2:Recommended for conveying hot materials and is suitable for fines upto 125°C and lumps upto 150 °C.
GRADE SHR T3:This grade is recommended for conveying, hot material and is suitable for fines upto 150°C and lumps upto 180°c, specially blended in Chlorobutyl rubber.
GRADE UHR:This grade is specially made out of EPDM Rubber and is recommended for Clinker application of 180° C to 250° C
FIRE RESISTANT BELTING GRADE FR:Having fire resistant and antistatic properties, this grade is recommended for use where a fire hazards exits , thermal plants, coal mines.
OIL RESISTANT BELTING GRADE OR:Composed of synthetic Nitrile Rubber Compounds, this grade is resistant to minerals, vegetables,animals oils and fats.